Since its establishment, PKD has bulit more than 800 different types of industrial or administrative buildings. Its major job orders in the past years include - e.g. - the following:


Production Hall Kafka Horní Radslavice

Industrial hall Celoflex

Casino Alžbětín



Agricultural halll Kouty

Logistic center Omikron Dobřejovice Prague

Production hall Mílovice



Production hall for Pöttinger Vodňany

Logistic centres in Praque and vicinity

Logistic centre for Steel Profil company

Autohaus Weder, Switzerland

Production hall for Kern Liebers, České Budějovice



Production hall for Bürger Poděbrady

Logistic centre Nupaky

Hall for the paper mill Papírny Louny

Production hall for GIGA

Koramex Mlékárna Klatovy (milch facility)

Auto Ševčík Prachatice

Production hall for HM Metal