Production hall Pöttinger

PKD participated in the construction of a new production hall for Pöttinger company in Vodnany. The new hall represents the production facilities for the agricultural equipment. The main support system of the hall is made of steel and concrete structures. Lightweight sandwich panels were used for the cladding. The task for PKD was to supply and install the steel roof structure, including the attics.


Specification of the steel roof:

Steel amount: 650 t
Year: 2016

Industrial halls – Nehvizdy, Dobřejovice

PKD has been cooperating with leading developers of industrial halls for several years. The result of such quality cooperation are the numerous realizations of industrial buildings and halls. One of the most prestigious locations where PKD realizes its building activities is the attractive surrounding of Prague, such as Nehvizdy or Dobřejovice. PKD gets assignments for complete design documentation and delivery of steel constructions, tinsmith elements, roof and wall cladding, and the supply of door and window systems.


Specification of the hall:

Width: 22 m
Height: 7 m
Length: 170 m
Amount of steel: 200 t
Year: 2017-2019

Industrial hall for Steel Profil, Tlučná

Steel Profil assigned PKD with the delivery of upper structure and pile foundation. In addition to the supply of steel structures and cladding, PKD specializes in the production of bridge cranes, which were also part of this project. The PKD works only with quality partners such as GIGA which specializes in crane technology.


Hall specification:

Width: 31,5 m
Height: 14 m
Length: 120 m
Amount of steel: >150 t
Year: 2017