PKD is a czech company with international activities and rich history. We offer a comprehensive solution from design preparation, through manufacturing, up to assembly. 

PKD, s.r.o. was established in 1995. It followed up in the tradition of the then state enterprise Průmyslový kombinát Dačice, that had produced steel structures ever since 1961. As of 2010 PKD includes also the manufacturing plant in Kunžak. 

At present PKD is one of the most modern producers of steel structures in the Czech Republic.


PKD includes the following departments:


PKD company

Manufacturing plant Dačice

(monthly capacity 500 tons)

PKD company

Manufacturing plant Kunžak

(monthly capacity 200 tons)

PKD company

Sales office


Výrobní závod Kunžak

Technical and engineering office

design department and technology

PKD company

Purchase and logistic

we own our truck logistic

PKD company

Site assembly department

includes cranes, telescopic platforms, manipulators etc.